Make the most of the mountain biomass

La technification of forestry work is key to be efficient in the biomass energy sector, a relatively new sector that grows steadily. The demand for wood in Europe will grow in the next decades by 40%, and Spain has a long way to go.

The consumption of biomass to generate heat in an automated way has been multiplied by 4,4 in the last 10 years. Only the manufacture of pellets in 2018 needed three million cubic meters of pinewood in Spain and its forecast is that manufacturing will be multiplied by two in 2022.

The use of biomass for electricity generation foresees an important leap with the implementation of 200MW in the coming months. Government plans provide multiply by three the current installed power, something that would be key to profitable forest exploitation.

Forestry machinery specialized in portable sawmills.
The use of forest biomass in an efficient manner is key to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the generation of local employment.
With the aim of continuing to grow in its biomass machinery division, TransgrĂșas has reached a distribution agreement for all of Spain of two of the leading Italian brands in the sector: Pinosa and Gandini.
In Expobiomasa the current keys of forest biomass were treated. The forestry work needed in the forest, the forest jobs that would be generated with proper management of the forest, ...
Forestry machinery companies for biomass treatment in the bush
Guifor will go to Expobiomasa with its processor for wood treatment.
Automatically cut and divide firewood with a cycle of just over three seconds
Automatic horizontal progressive biomass slitter FAM stands out for being very productive and versatile. It is a fixed or mobile equipment.
This new shear is used to remove stumps, so that the roots can be left on the ground and the entire stump removed. Perfect tool to manage biomass through the circular economy.
Logset presents its hybrid technology for biomass forest machinery
The John Deere woodcutter model 643 that serves to cut and accumulate trees in such a way that later it is easier and more efficient to transport it by autoloader or trawler.
The Finnish manufacturer of forestry machinery Logset Oy, represented in Expobiomasa by the company FOREST PIONNER, has launched a new hybrid forestry processor: the Logset 8H GTE Hybrid. It is the second and smallest hybrid model of the company after the world's largest wheeled logger, the Logset 12H GTE Hybrid. The new model has an AGCO Power 74 LFTN diesel engine that complies with EU 5 Class emission regulations and an electric motor that provides up to 100 kW of additional power.