In Spain 50.000 biomass combustion equipment is being installed annually, many of them replacing fossil, diesel and gas energy systems, which negatively affect climate change. Is being implanted massively in independent homes, and increasingly in Neighborhood communities, industries, warehouses, farms, greenhouses, hotels, residences, universities, schools, hospitals and swimming pools.

In EXPOBIOMASA, The leading firms show to the installers the latest solutions and technical advances that improve both energy savings and efficiency and the quality of life and comfort of its customers.

Part of the success in the installation of biomass is due to quality control, design and technology in the components of the combustion equipment itself and in the auxiliary components of the installation. The support of brands to professionals in the sector with training, advice, ergonomics and efficiency in their work is essential for the 8.000 installation professionals linked to biomass in Spain. In fact, proper planning and execution of the biomass installation is clave so that customers can generate savings, comfort and environmental sustainability in their heating system.

The CONVESA fireplaces of the KW range have a crownless connection system. This facilitates assembly and does not require additional tools. This technical advantage is highly highlighted by installers who save time in the installation process. It also has the G50 designation so it can be placed just 5 centimeters from the wall. All this while maintaining a great aesthetic without strings, totally smooth. Discover its entire range of solutions from September 21 to 23 at Expobiomasa 2021.
Practic, a pioneer in the manufacture of evacuation ducts. It continues in its line of expansion in the national and international market towards the use of domestic heating. This year 2021, Practic is committed to expanding its ranges for solid fuel; firewood, charcoal and pellets. Eco lines in tune with the environmental commitment and energy efficiency. Expands the range for wood fuel. And it presents the Matte Black line vitrified
SOLZAIMA begins production this month in its new factory. This investment is the result of the growth that the firm has had over the more than 39 years dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and biomass heating systems
The control of moisture in biomass fuel is essential to reduce fuel costs and achieve higher production yields. Ibertonics presented its near-infrared moisture reader at Expobiomasa with clear advantages over traditional methods.
CONVESA with a wide range of products where products destined to evacuate fumes from generator sets, extraction hoods, etc. have a main role. Counting as always with the latest in certificates such as the T600-G (50), the only manufacturer with it in Spain, EI30 and with a 25-year guarantee and with extensive experience in international markets.
The German company of thermo-resistant crystals has produced a glass-ceramic panel, for wood and pellet stoves, which can now be combined with many decorative colors.
manufacturers and distributors of chimneys, pre-insulated pipes, valves, ....
A seal that guarantees the quality and specialization in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of biomass stoves and boiler installations
ROBAX (R) IR Max with decoration is a glass ceramic panel with a coating that reflects up to 7 times more heat in the chimney's combustion chamber compared to an uncoated fire panel. 
Artificial vision or computer vision is a scientific discipline that includes methods to acquire, process, analyze and understand images from the real world in order to produce numerical information so that they can be analyzed. Until today, there has been no commercial-scale precedent applying it to biomass combustion. Sugimat has designed a solution focused on mobile grate ovens, the most used when it comes to combustion of little processed biomass in boilers and industrial ovens.
Silometric is a laser technology sensor that performs readings in the pellet storage system, inside the silo. It works completely wirelessly, has minimal maintenance, is self-installable and does not require any type of electrical installation. This solution uses a radio frequency data transmission system, covering most of the territory.
Modular double wall metal biomass fireplace characterized by its aesthetics, technique and ease of assembly.