In general terms, the data provided by are positive for the sector. Thus, at the close of 2018, 298.399 stoves and boilers powered by biomass were operating in Spain, 53.480 more than the previous year. Equipment sales have increased an 16,2%, but it has been unevenly, more stoves than high power boilers.
Alejandro Esteban, commercial delegate of Solzaima, Portuguese manufacturer of pellet stoves, wood stoves, inserts, pellet boilers and firewood, presents the novelties of the firm during the Expobiomasa fair. From 8 and 10 kW pellet stoves, insertable stoves, ... to the range of industrial biomass boilers
The European Pellet Conference, held this year in Wels has been the scene in which the conference director, Christiane Egger, highlighted the growth of biomass in Upper Austria, the region where the event takes place: the 35% of the heaters Domestic already works with biomass. The replacement of old installations of diesel and other fossil fuels by modern biomass boilers has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43% in 10 years (2005-2015) in the residential sector.
Currently, emissions are one of the fundamental challenges of the pellet sector. In the framework of the World Sustainable Energy Days conference, which was held in the Austrian town of Wels from 27 from February to 1 in March of 2019, several companies showed their solutions and advanced strategies. Stefan Ortner, from ÖkoFEN, has presented the efficient Smart models, condensation equipment and biomass hybridisations with other renewable energies.
The only "but" to the good march of the market of the pellets, analyzed in the conference World Sustainable Energy Days, have been the tensions of stock that, although has not come to suffer any break, has been something right in this season.
The John Deere woodcutter model 643 that serves to cut and accumulate trees in such a way that later it is easier and more efficient to transport it by autoloader or trawler.
In general, the markets have conveyed good feelings, very different from the concerns that marked the World Sustainable Energy Days meetings two and three years ago.
The four bioethanol factories in Spain produced almost forty percent more of this biofuel in 2018 compared to 2017, according to data provided by the National Commission of Markets and Competition. The production went from 379 million liters in 2017 to 522 in 2018, which is about ninety percent of installed capacity.
The almost 300.000 heating installations with advanced biomass in Spain prevented the emission of 4.157.319 tons of CO2 that negatively affect Climate Change. These are the emissions from the substitution of the use of fossil fuels, such as diesel and natural gas, for a Renewable Energy such as biomass, whose emissions are neutral in terms of the emission of greenhouse gases.
Jesús Perez, commercial director of Fogo Montanha, presents the company and its solutions in biomass during the Expobiomasa 2017 fair.
Prado Silos has installed two silos of 8.700m³ for the storage of biomass as part of the new biomass power plant of 40 MW of the Ence Group in Huelva. A project developed through the engineering company Sener. The roofs of these silos have been designed with an angle of 40 degrees to achieve an optimal storage of the biomass. The silos also have an access door for vehicles with dimensions of 3,5 by 3,5 m. The silos are unloaded with a vibrating floor mounted in a hopper at 25 degrees of inclination.