A biomass boiler that allows the LC Paper company to manufacture structured tissue paper products with neutral CO2 emissions.
Wood stoves of the Solzaima brand. High performance and low emissions. Ideal for low consumption homes.
New wood insert from Ferlux. This new biomass equipment is characterized by its polygonal shape and being suspended on the wall. It does not forget its main purpose and adds a double combustion and vermiculite in its combustion chamber.
Sweden's largest ethanol producer manages to improve its production thanks to a biomass cogeneration plant
The American brand specializing in forestry machinery and biomass recycling that has the capacity to meet the demands and needs of each client becomes represented by MYCSA.
In two years, Galicia will quadruple its installed capacity for biomass consumption, from the current 476.000 tons to 1,7 million tons, according to the report of the timber chain presented by the Axencia Galega da Industria Forestal (Xera) .
Bronpi launches this 22 kW chimney so you can heat your house with wood, the biomass of a lifetime.
Naturpellet plans to increase its production of wood pellets by 50%
Off-road machinery to facilitate work tasks in the treatment of biomass.
Forestry machinery and biomass crushers were present at Expobiomasa 2019. The brands represented were SAMPO-ROSELEW, NHS, RABAUD, MAXWALD.
Summary of what happened in the world of biomass in Spain in 2019.
TransgrĂșas is a distributor of different biomass equipment. GANDINI chippers and crushers, PINOSA wood processors, CRANAB or TAJFUNS & LIV forest cranes