The Pedralbes Palace in Barcelona has been one of the last unique buildings in the national geography to incorporate biomass-fed equipment for thermal uses, that is, to meet the demand for heat and Sanitary Hot Water (ACS).
With the summer wildfires both experts, professionals and environmental groups are reminding us that the management of forests and land is essential to protect them against fire. The problem is to make them profitable so that private owners, in the hands of those who are half of the forest mass can face their maintenance.
Summer has arrived. The long-awaited time to go on vacation to relax and recharge the batteries before autumn falls. But have you thought how will you heat your house this year? Well, you should do it because, according to the PIAZZETTA GROUP, the summer is the best time to choose a pellet or wood stove for three reasons:
The Austrian firm will show, among other technologies, its latest boilers and biomass stoves in Expobiomasa.
The Heat Network with Biomass for the heating supply of the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, in Valladolid, has been operating successfully for nine months, since November of 2018. The project, promoted by the Regional Energy Entity of Catilla and León (EREN), was awarded to the company REBI. It is a heat distribution network through thermal energy in the premises of the Ministry of Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, has an investment of 539.844 euros.
Guifor will go to Expobiomasa with its processor for wood treatment.
Particle reduction and efficiency improvement in the biomass boiler.
Innovations in Lacunza's biomass fireplaces
CIMEP will discuss the raw material, the situation of the national and international market and the evolution of the pellet-consuming facilities, topics that will be addressed by experts of international reference.
Take advantage of the resources that are around and optimize the operation of the facilities themselves are the basis of the project of the Cooperativa San Miguel de Taust
Electric production plant with biomass from ENCE. 299.000 MWh enough for the power consumption needs of more than 55.700 people.