The Furanflex® system offers the possibility of rehabilitating chimneys and ducts of any shape, size and length without requiring extensive masonry work. Its installation process is extremely fast, allowing the internal reconstruction of the chimneys and their immediate use in a matter of hours. Chimneys, both built and metallic, experience a continuous process of deterioration, which is attributable not so much to the materials used but rather to the high temperatures to which they are subjected.
The Spanish Biomass Association, AVEBIOM, is the only association that since 2004 brings together the main economic actors in the bioenergy sector throughout the entire value chain, and whose objective is to promote the development of this business sector in Spain and contribute to increasing the consumption of biomass for energy purposes in a sustainable way.
The company QUEBINEX from Cáceres, which participated in Expobiomasa 2023, has facilitated a strategic change in energy technology in many bakeries in Extremadura, replacing diesel burners with biomass ones, which the same company designs, builds and installs.
The company BERKES (Berkes & Burmeister & Wain Energy - B&B), which participates in Expobiomasa, has announced that it will supply the complete island of biomass boilers for ACCIONA Energy's EXTREMADURA I-LOGROSAN power plant project. ACCIONA Energy is one of the winners of the third renewable energy auction, which took place on October 25, 2022. The biomass plant to be built will have 49,9 MW and is located in the municipality of Logrosán, in Cáceres.
Diflux Pellets installation kits allow you to solve installations for the evacuation of combustion products from sealed pellet appliances combining:
Winner in the Technological Innovation category of the Innovation Awards 2023 The new Electronic Combustion Control (ECC) from JOTUL GROUP improves its wood stoves to achieve optimal combustion continuously through constant evaluation of combustion and regulation of supply of air in a friendly way, with minimal user intervention.
Primato's mission is to offer cooking equipment and other elements related to modern catering, responding to the demands of mobility, while guaranteeing the maximum commitment in terms of performance and versatility. Accelerate the transition to a world of sustainable energy sources.
The fourteenth edition of Expobiomasa ends in an atmosphere of renewed optimism shared by the exhibitors and the 9.596 visitors who have attended the event organized by the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM), from May 9 to 11 at the Valladolid Fair.
The Spanish Association of Biomass, with the support of its associates, sponsors and allies, organizes a new edition of EXPOBIOMASA from May 9 to 11, the professional fair that revitalizes commercial activity in the bioenergy sector like no other event in Spain and Portugal. The 14th edition of EXPOBIOMASA 2023 will bring together at the Valladolid Fair the largest offer of equipment and technologies related to the energy recovery of biomass
The Spanish manufacturer of reference in the market for ducts, tubes and chimneys presents on this occasion, the finishing for chimneys with a rotating system that simultaneously prevents the entry of rainwater and the negative effects of the wind. The turning mechanism is outside the area of ​​contact with the smoke, thus avoiding the deterioration of this mechanism by the action of the smoke.
The DUOTHERM device allows you to regulate different heating circuits with the same or different temperatures directly from the boiler without the need for a 3-way mixing valve. Each circuit is regulated to the temperature of our needs and a different time schedule can be made. It consists of two positions:
Clima1000 is an integration system for pellet stoves, wood-burning fireplaces, heat pumps, hydro stoves, biomass boilers, solar thermal panels, gas boilers,... and top types of thermal generators that allow optimizing the different sources of energy.