FRAVIZEL Easy Stump Cutter

fravizel in epxobiomass 2023
The Easy Stump Cutter is patented, tested and designed to reduce costs. This equipment increases transport efficiency and reduces environmental impact by removing only the stump, leaving the roots in the ground.

One of the main challenges identified in the use of the stump is its preparation and cleaning. In response to this need, a new forest product was created, totally innovative in the sector worldwide, which allows the transformation of the stump into cleaner wood at the extraction site. With its use, the extraction of the stump for the production of pulp or energy (biomass) will be easier and faster.

With the Easy Stump Cutter, the roots remain in the soil and serve as organic matter, allowing the soil to stabilize better. When pulling the stump out of the ground, the roots are cut and the central core of the stump is extracted, where the greatest energy mass is.

It's a multifunction tool adaptable to excavators from 20 to 30 tons. In addition, it reduces the cost of operation between 30 and 40%, has higher productivity compared to traditional methods, allows various work options such as starting and cleaning. It is easy to use and wears the machine little. The quick hitch coupling (Easy). Fuel consumption compared to other methods is lower, safety is higher, and maintenance is accessible.

FRAVIZEL presents this novelty to the 2023 Innovation Awards