In Europe, in 2019, there were already more than 1,6 million biomass boilers for domestic use with power less than 50kW, and annual sales of some 153.000 units. The number of biomass boilers operating in the EU28 is 1,4 million and annual sales of 132.000 units. By country, the market is led by Germany with more than 287.000 operating biomass boilers, followed by Italy, Bulgaria and Austria with more than 140.000 operating biomass boilers each. Sales were led in 2019 by Germany, Bulgaria, France and Italy, over 15.000 units. Spain had 20.600 pellet boilers for domestic use installed in 2019, the year in which 2.500 units were sold.

Respecto a the installation of pellet stoves, the latest statistical data available indicates that in 2019 there were 6,2 million stoves operating throughout Europe with annual sales of over 687.000 units. In the EU28 there are 5,6 million stoves operating with sales that exceeded 621.000 units. The positive evolution of sales in the Mediterranean countries stands out: Italy has just over 2 million stoves in operation and leads the sales ranking with 170.000 units; followed by France, which at the end of 2019 had more than 1 million pellet stoves operating, with sales exceeding 157.000 stoves per year; Spain had 2019 operational pellet stoves in 320.000, and 55.143 units were sold that year, one for every 851 Spaniards.

The GERMAN DESIGN AWARDS, one of the most important and internationally recognized awards in the world of design, has selected the AMIKA pellet stove from LaNordica-Extraflame with the new SCHOTT ROBAX® NightView ceramic glass
The shape of this new home from the Italian firm is original and impressive. An architectural option in which the emotion of fire is reinforced by the three-dimensionality of the hearth, the envelope and the setting at the same time.
The firm based in Zaragoza and founded more than 50 years ago has advanced technology thanks to the patented EFIPLUS system, which allows its equipment to feed on pellets of different qualities, and also with any type of biomass, such as almond shell, bone of olive, etc. Designed with different bodies depending on the model, in cast iron or steel, electronic control and all kinds of standard or optional accessories depending on the model.
The firm located in Malaga has been characterized over the years by product innovation and research, and has achieved a fusion of styles in its stoves that allows its integration into any environment. This has allowed a notable increase in market share and distribution in more than 20 countries.
Technology and efficiency are dressed in contemporary beauty Each Palazzetti stove is the sum of different aspects: technological content, study of materials, refined forms. The collaboration between the design studio MarcArch and the Palazzetti technical office has given life to the new Ecofire® Meghan pellet stove, whose innovative key is the air management method.
Open Fireplaces: Why They Should Be Avoided Open fireplaces are open-flame, glass-free fireplaces that still exist in many homes, both traditional and newer. The open fireplace should be considered an object of decoration or to cook sporadically on the embers. But it should not be considered as a heating solution, due to its poor performance and high particulate emissions.
The Jolly Mec stove uses EVO technology to meet environmental emission limits. It is a combined stove that works with both wood and pellets, for forced air heating, with the particularity of having two combustion chambers but only one smoke outlet and a unique design that enhances the flame of the chosen fuel.
SOLZAIMA begins production this month in its new factory. This investment is the result of the growth that the firm has had over the more than 39 years dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and biomass heating systems
The increase in the installation of new biomass stoves and boilers for residential use, with powers up to 50kW, has registered an increase in business volume of 2019% in 17,3 compared to the previous year, up to 356 million euros, according to has informed the director of Expobiomasa, Jorge Herrero, in reference to the Annual Report of the Biomass Observatory that is being prepared by the Spanish Association of Biomass -AVEBIOM-.
The cold comes and we are at home longer, so it is important to keep the rooms warm, better than gas or oil boilers are pellet stoves and fireplaces, both for the first and second homes. Much more comfortable, attractive and simple to install are pellet equipment. 
Cost reduction in the installation of the Vap range of pellet boilers. The implemented ECOFOREST control strategies ensure the direct impulse and the programmed temperature against any emission system (radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating), guaranteeing a return temperature 10 ºC lower than the impulsion temperature, without the need to install inertia and anti-condensation valves and regardless of the number of radiators.
Despite the ongoing pandemic, Germany produced more than 1,5 million tons of wood pellets in the first half of 2020, representing an increase of 13%, 173.000 tons than the first half of 2019. With in order to meet the increase in domestic demand driven by new pellet boiler installations.