Finanzauto participates in Expobiomasa with the firm PRONAR, the largest producer of recycling machines in Eastern Europe

Pronate in Expobiomasa

Pronar's line of recycling machines incorporates the latest technology on the market, with a complete range of wheel or chain sieves, mobile waste shredders, mobile stacker conveyors and compost turners. Noted for its robustness, quality and competitive price, Pronar equipment ensures its durability and reliability both in its operation and in the after-sales service.

Pronar is the largest producer of recycling machines in Eastern Europe, with machines in operation all over the world: all over Europe, Russia, USA, Chile, China, Argentina, Japan, Korea, etc. Its extensive portfolio consists of mobile crushers (single-axle, twin-axle, low-speed, high-speed, tracked, wheeled, with hook chassis), mobile forklifts (tracked, of different lengths), screens of mobile drums (tracked, wheeled, with different sizes of drums) and compost winches. Pronar can also produce drums and crushing pits on special orders.

The company was founded in 1988. Since then, the owners had a unique idea for the development of the company, mainly focusing on the implementation of the diverse product range. Currently, Pronar is the undisputed leader in the production and sale of recycling machinery, and plays a key role internationally among the main manufacturers.

As technical assistance from Finanzauto they offer customers a single interlocutor at their service, guaranteeing the security and confidence they need.