Expobiomasa 2017
Expobiomasa, the fair for professionals

Expobiomasa 2017 brought together in only four days all the professionals involved in the thriving business of biomass: forest machinery companies, solid biofuels industries, manufacturers, distributors and installers of heating systems, especially stoves and boilers, ESCO, industries and other large consumers of heat, heated water and process steam; As well as ancillary industry, engineering, Investment group,… All the professionals involved in generating savings for biomass consumers were in September in Valladolid.

2017 exhibitor list
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...more business, ...more opportunities the best promotion for your company at Expobiomasa
Over 600 brands and companies will bring together in the greatest business representation of forestry and termal use of biomass
18.000 professionals interested in buying machinery, equipment, products and services attended Expobiomasa.
The organization would like to thank the support received from over 40 Associations and Allies and 60 Mediapartners from all
over Europe, Latin America and North America.