Optimizing processes

Industry, neighborhood communities and District Heating in Spain opt for biomass in search of economic savings and cost control. The latest data indicates that there are more than 11.000 equipment between 50 and 1.000 kW y more than 1.000 that exceed 1 MW thermal power.

More than a thousand computers are installed annually in Spain and boilers for industrial and commercial use capable of generating hot water, thermal oil and steam, as well as hot and cold air generators, dryers, ovens, air conditioners or industrial cold generators that can use biomass as fuel.

Many companies manage their own by-products and value them energetically in ceramics, cement, paper, wood, tobacco, coffee, dried fruit, all kinds of farms and other agricultural products, greenhouses and in the canning industry, among others.

The HERZ BioFire range of biomass boilers is the answer to large installations with high energy demand. With a variable power of between 500 and 1.500 kW depending on the selected model, through its cascade installation it is possible to reach 4.500 kW in a single project.
Gebio Energía, an energy services company, has been producing its own certified pellets of the highest quality since last year and has implemented a new logistics system to serve its customers in Spain and Portugal.
In addition to the Innovation Award given to Sugimat, ÖkoFEN's ZeroFlame technology and Palazzetti's total pellet combustion system will receive second prize. In this call, and for the first time, the Innovation Award in the field of renewable gases is awarded.
COMPTE. R, designer and manufacturer of biomass boilers offers its latest generation COMPACT Low Nox boiler. With a power of 1500 kW to 8 MW, this range of boilers is equipped with a fully cooled hearth that allows a wide range of fuels to be burned.
This new management system is presented at Expobiomasa 2021 to which it is only necessary to add a control panel to be able to communicate with the boilers and adapt their operating regime according to the specific demand of the installation. This control has a convenient remote web server where you can view all the information on the installation, make time schedules and regulation changes.
Pre-insulated pipes for hot and cold networks are the perfect tool for optimizing energy resources and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. These pipes are designed to be able to detect possible leaks or breaks and as a consequence, possible energy losses. Therefore, its use achieves savings in energy costs, less assembly time and greater durability of the installation compared to a traditional system, that is, a benefit in all aspects for the installer and for the end customer.
The new GNF30 Multi-fuel Hot Air Generator is the smallest in the range, as a result of the experience, evolution and continuous innovation and development of our company, we are proud of our new launch.
The Horizon + is a rotary water tube boiler with a self-cleaning system that effectively combats fouling and the formation of deposits inside, which makes it a unique and innovative model on the market. The boiler, developed and patented by Sugimat, is designed to work with gases from solid waste combustion.
For a complete and energetically self-sustaining process, after a first stage of drying the material in dryers, the material is collected and included in the thermal oxidation stage. Thus closing the circular process that allows treatment and recovery.
MOLLIER® biomass boilers with powers between 100 and 500 kW have been designed for the residential and tertiary sector, and developed under the new European ECODESIGN regulations.
Horizon + is the new boiler concept developed and patented by Sugimat after several years of R&D work. It is based on a self-cleaning rotary boiler that effectively combats fouling and the formation of deposits inside.
The use of long-range, open and low-energy networks has given the possibility of exploring new applications and massive deployments of extremely useful sensors for the world of biomass. With these networks you can manage boilers, silos, transport, emissions, crops, production, certify the chains with Blockchain etc.