Forest Pioneer will show the advantages and characteristics of the LOGSET 8F GT Forwarder at Expobiomasa

logset autoloader

The Logset 8F GT is an economical forwarder. It has a load capacity of 15 tons and its loading area allows the placement of two 3-meter stacks of logs. Its ability is admirable even in the worst conditions. Overcome the difficult challenges that represent, for example, soft terrain, steep surfaces or long journeys supported by its powerful engine and solid transmission.

Logset Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of forestry machinery. Harvester heads, harvesters and forwarders manufactured by Logset are equipped with their own control system and measuring devices. 

Logset machines work in more than 25 countries and its after-sales service stands out as it offers a service of spare parts, training and extensive customer support. In Spain, the distribution and service of the brand is entrusted to Forest Pioneer.

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