Savings and energy efficiency

In Spain bioenergy mobilizes 3.700 million euros between electricity, thermal generation and biofuels for transport. And it is, without a doubt, the renewable energy source that best meets the postulates of the bioeconomy, involving thousands of professionals from different sectors.

Service, financial, communication companies, investment groups, public companies, administrations, professional and business associations promote and participate in many projects in order to implement solutions for both consumers and professionals.

A key sector for job posting, which take advantage of own resources and proximity reducing energy dependence and the import of oil and gas. The pellet industries cannot be relocated and they are all in small municipalities that fill them with life.

The Internet has become so common that many of us have difficulty imagining what it takes to realize this digital world, including the number of servers and necessary for its operation. Most data centers around the world rely heavily on fossil fuels to produce the electricity and cooling needed to run the necessary equipment, what some call the "dark side" of the Internet.
In the article you can find a didactic example that explains why biomass emissions are different than those of fossil fuels.
A biomass boiler that allows the LC Paper company to manufacture structured tissue paper products with neutral CO2 emissions.
Sweden's largest ethanol producer manages to improve its production thanks to a biomass cogeneration plant
Summary of what happened in the world of biomass in Spain in 2019.
Successful example of the recovery of a biomass resource, the wood splinter, which was previously treated as a waste.
ABP Food Group is recognized as an industry leader in the United Kingdom when it comes to sustainable practices and environmental initiatives.
The carbon absorption capacity of our forests and their carbon stock are carefully monitored. Changes in carbon stocks should not be observed in a few years and in only one tree or in individual stands, with a group of forest stands forming the mountains and forests. Carbon accounting should always be from a regional, global scope and not in a single stand or single tree, because this is what the atmosphere "sees." On a large scale, carbon capacity must be maintained at any time.
The use of wood pellets as a source of thermal energy is being imposed as the most sustainable measure in economic, social and environmental terms to combat climate change. Its use encourages rural development, creates jobs and, being profitable, contributes to a sustainable, fair future with our society and the environment.
Interview with Javier Díaz during the celebration of Expobiomasa 2019. In it he talks about the current panorama of biomass.
It is estimated that as of November 17, bioenergy can cover all the energy needs of the 28 EU Member States until the end of 2019. An increase of two additional days compared to 2018 and 4 more than 2017.
Apart from sustainability, the fight against climate change and price stability, the main reason for moving to a biomass facility is saving.