The Badajoz Provincial Council receives the 'Promote Bioenergy 2022' award

award promotes bioenergy
The Badajoz Provincial Council receives the 13th edition of the AVEBIOM Fomenta la Bioenergía award for promoting 25 new biomass heating installations as part of a plan designed to combat climate change and in line with the Development Goals

The Spanish Biomass Association, AVEBIOM, has decided to award the award 'Foster 2022 Bioenergy' to the Badajoz Provincial Council to recognize their support for 25 unique projects in smaller local entities that favor the transition to a low-carbon economy and whose energy source is biomass.

The award ceremony will take place on May 9, 2023 in Valladolid, after the opening of the Expobiomasa fair.

25 installations with biomass boilers within the SMARTENERGIA plan

Improving the quality of life of citizens and guaranteeing respect for the environment in all the municipalities of the province are the commitments of the Diputación de Badajoz that are materialized in the Plan SMARTENERGY.

The objective of this initiative is to structure and channel improvements in energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energies to produce electricity and thermal uses in buildings and public infrastructures, in particular, favoring small-scale generation in points close to consumption.

Among the 88 actions in buildings carried out in the 2014-2020 plan, 25 biomass boilers have been installed, which is fully in line with the objective of generating energy on a small scale and close to consumption centers. These 25 new installations provide renewable thermal energy to heated swimming pools, schools, residences for the elderly and two small municipal heat networks.

Twelve awards for twelve promoters of bioenergy

AVEBIOM recognizes the contribution of relevant entities or people to the sustainable development of biomass for energy use since 2010.

In previous editions have received the 'Fomenta la Bioenergía' award el City Council of Tarrasa (2010) Representative (2011), the Energy Agency of Andalusia (2012), the Junta de Castilla and Leon (2013), the Office of Climate Change of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (2014), the Xunta de Galicia (2015), the public company Nasuvinsa-Navarra of Land and Housing (2016), the University of Valladolid (2017), the Give-Ciemat (2018), the Basque Energy Agency (2019) Christian rakos, President of the WBA (2020) and the organizations FSC y PEFC (2021)