The Valladolid City Council collaborates with AVEBIOM to carry out activities to promote the Bioenergy sector

Expobiomass and ava

The Spanish Biomass Association, AVEBIOM, is the only association that since 2004 brings together the main economic actors in the bioenergy sector throughout the entire value chain, and whose objective is to promote the development of this business sector in Spain and contribute to increasing the consumption of biomass for energy purposes in a sustainable way.

On May 9, 10 and 11, he celebrated EXPOBIOMASA in Valladolid, the sector event that revitalizes like no other the marketing of pellet production equipment and other solid biofuels for sustainable heat generation as a measure to combat climate change and in favor of the decarbonization of energy and the bioeconomy. There have been 9.596 professional visitors, of which 85% come from outside the Valladolid province, with more than a thousand coming from other countries.

Subsequently, on October 3 and 4, the III Renewable Gas Show, in collaboration with the Spanish Biogas Association and numerous public and private entities. The result is that they doubled the participation figures of the previous edition: 3.162 Spanish professional visitors and 432 international professionals. This event tries to accelerate the start-up of projects for new biomethane production plants in Spain.

In parallel to the Hall, the 16th International Bioenergy Congress, which with 792 registered has turned Valladolid into the nerve center of a new sector that perfectly meets the postulates of the cities climate neutral.

The city of Pisuerga is positioned as the headquarters of numerous initiatives linked to bioenergy, which today provides 60% of all renewable energy consumed in Europe, more than other renewable energies combined. In fact, the Valladolid City Council considers collaboration in the activities carried out by AVEBIOM to be of utmost interest, due to their business, professional and technological nature and because it is a measure of support for the energy transition of the productive fabric, and in particular of the industrial sector of the city.

The Valladolid City Council works to promote innovation policies and support the knowledge economy, to support entrepreneurship and companies, with strategic projects to attract investment and the internationalization of the city, in addition to promoting economic cooperation relations. and commercial as well as relations with institutions and associations of an economic and commercial nature.

An action that has been key to promoting these policies has been the collaboration that exists between the City Council of Valladolid and the Spanish Biomass Association to carry out activities to promote bioenergy. In fact, the Spanish Biomass Association publicly recognized in the three events that the success of the calls is due in part to the collaboration between the association itself and the Valladolid City Council.