Duepi presents the MR100 board at Expobiomasa to improve the connectivity and control of pellet stoves and boilers.

duepi expobiomass

The MR100 board represents the ideal solution for ducted stoves or small pellet boilers. Small in size, it has four phase-controlled outputs, a relay output for the igniter, a PWM output for motors or water pumps, as well as inputs for variable speed or endless PWM management. It is also equipped with a double communication bus, one of which is available on the screen for the integrated wifi-bluetooth module. The plate also supports electronic aspiration sensor, in addition to other devices, thanks to the presence of digital and analog inputs.

DUEPI is a leading company in the production of electronics in wood and pellet heating, with more than 20 years working together with manufacturing companies with automatic control systems for efficient management of stoves and boilers. It develops the products and produces them directly in Italy in its production units for full traceability in the production chain. It can also be adapted to the client in the customization of hardware and software quickly and precisely. All its products, in addition to the connection to dedicated applications and web applications, are compatible with integrated home automation systems such as Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings and SmartLife.

Duepi will be at booth 285 at Expobiomasa.

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