DINAK DIFLUX PELLETS concentric chimney installation kits for installations with sealed pellet stoves and boilers.

biomass firewood stove
The Diflux Pellets range has a wide variety of installation kits.

Diflux Pellets installation kits allow you to solve installations for the evacuation of combustion products from sealed pellet appliances combining:

  • Aesthetics and space optimization of the concentric fireplace
  • Quick and easy selection and installation through kit format
  • Energy efficiency of the waterproof installation

Interview conducted at Expobiomasa 2023


With the modular range of two concentric walls Diflux Pellets, it is possible to combine in a single chimney, optimizing cost and space, the evacuation of combustion products and the supply of air to sealed pellet stoves and boilers. These devices, unlike the conventional atmospheric ones that take air for combustion from the room in which they are located, take it from outside, thus avoiding the need to renew the air in the room and the consequent loss of heat , achieving a more energy efficient installation.

The Diflux Pellets range has a wide variety of installation kits that allow to solve, quickly and easily, chimney installations for combustion products of sealed pellet appliances, facilitating the selection of the necessary chimney and optimizing space and cost through the kit format.

The kits include the necessary parts to cover all the possible chimney configurations that we can find:

  • Smoke outlets positioned both at the rear and at the top of the appliance.
  • Possibility of connecting to a pipe, accessing both through the ceiling and through the wall at different heights.
  • For stoves and boilers for both condensation and dry operation.
  • Specific kits for terminals.
  • Kits in both stainless and lacquered finishes.


DINAK participated in EXPOBIOMASA 2023

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