A HEIZOMAT biomass boiler reduces the CO2 emissions caused by 160 diesel cars in traffic per year

Heizomat installation
The biomass thermal installations are the most beneficial for the environment and at the same time the most profitable that there is within the current renewable energies

It is becoming more and more obvious that we must reduce emissions and take care of our environment. There are many different types of renewable energy that can be used. What is surprising is how little biomass is used. Its use to produce heat is the most profitable there is and where the emission savings per investment amount is extremely high.

A very interesting example

Indoor pools that have been converted to biomass with some examples that are working extraordinarily. Diesel consumption in a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool in the Levante area was approximately 80.000 liters of diesel per year. When replacing a diesel boiler with a biomass one the same CO2 is saved as eliminating 160 diesel cars from the municipality.

The cost of an installation of this type with a boiler of the quality of Heizomat It can be between € 100 and € 150.000, including civil works and the hydraulic part. Due to the great economic savings provided by biomass as fuel, these facilities are usually amortized between 3 and 5 years.

Further information: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/una-caldera-de-biomasa-tiene-el-mismo-impacto-que-quitar-gregor-baer