BERKES will supply the island of biomass boilers for the Logrosán plant

biomass boiler installation

The company BERKES (Berkes & Burmeister & Wain Energy - B&B), which participates in Expobiomasa, has announced that it will supply the complete island of biomass boilers for ACCIONA Energy's EXTREMADURA I-LOGROSAN power plant project.

ACCIONA Energy is one of the winners of the third renewable energy auction, which took place on October 25, 2022. The biomass plant to be built will have 49,9 MW and is located in the municipality of Logrosán, in Cáceres.

The uniquely designed three-pass BWE boiler equipped with spreaders and BWE's own water-cooled vibration grate (WCVG) will accommodate woody biomass as well as woody agricultural residues. A net efficiency of over 36% is expected.

Berkes (B&B) is responsible for the design and supply of the island from the charge to the chimney, and will also carry out the supervision of the erection and commissioning.