The challenge association in Liencres integrates, trains and employs four people in its pellet manufacturing plant with ENplus certification

EcoReto pellet plant in Liencres

The RETO 1 shelter in Liencres, Cantabria, develops a reinsertion program through the Cooperativa Reto a la Esperanza Society: manufacture and sale of pellets. This and other waste management activities allow for an integration and training function for four people working in the plant.

In the year 2015 began with the production of pellets. The plant has a production capacity of one ton per hour. This activity was planned to train and provide a work outlet for the inmates and to reduce the consumption of the energies that were used in the centers.

It was decided to certify the production in ENplus® to ensure the quality of the product we produce and enter the market. Mainly the pellet that is manufactured is for own use in the houses of reception of the Association. The rest is distributed, especially in Cantabria, in bags of 15 kg. Every year some improvement is made in the plant, the latter has bought an automatic bagger and a bucket conveyor.