Spanish bioethanol breaks the production record in 2018 with 522 million liters

Spanish bioethanol factory

The four bioethanol factories in Spain they produced almost forty percent more of this biofuel in 2018 with respect to 2017, according to data provided by the National Commission of Markets and Competition. The production went from 379 million liters in 2017 to 522 in 2018, which is about ninety percent of installed capacity.

During 2018, the reduction of greenhouse gases with respect to fossil fuels in the production and use of ethanol, reached the 78 percent. Spain is above the European average, which is 71%, and minimum margins, between the 50 and the 64 percent to which European regulations require.

Regarding the origin of bioethanol consumed in Spain, the 87,8 percent was manufactured in our country and the almost exclusive raw material that was used was corn, with an 93 percent. The origin of this raw material is Ukraine, with an 41 percent, followed by Romania (29 percent) and Spain, with sixteen percent.

VERTEX BIOENERGY leads the production in Spain.