FUOCO AIR, a new concept presented for the Expobiomasa Innovation Award, increases the performance of the pellet stove by 20%

Fuoco air

It is a disruptive concept in air conditioning that allows heating and renewing the air in the whole house simultaneously, unifying heating and ventilation starting from a simple biomass stove. Instead of heating the stale air we have inside, it directly heats the fresh air, generating "replacement heat".

It basically consists of a high-performance fan, a patented exchanger and a control unit. Additionally, it can incorporate HEPA filters and a micro cogeneration system (MCHP), to improve its autonomy and dispense with an electrical power supply.

A comparative study of a stove in free operation has been carried out, reaching a performance of over 20% when incorporating the device. And without the need to intervene directly in combustion, performance is improved by reducing emissions for each useful kW generated, providing greater thermal power to the environment. The efficiency of the assembly improves by advancing the air conditioning and allowing it to reach the desired temperature faster.

Its design is optimized to universally adapt to the majority of equipment already installed in single-family homes and rural businesses, which represent 60% of standard homes in Europe, and where the sale of biomass equipment is experiencing exponential growth.

By not requiring complex work or pipes to bring heat to the rest of the house, it is possible to create a better climate regardless of age and insulation, and represents significant savings for the consumer, benefiting the rest of society with less polluting emissions. On the other hand, the tests carried out allow us to advance an estimate of savings of 50% of firewood compared to any other technology, since at the same time the horizontal reach is greater, and all the air in the house is being renewed.

FUOCOAIR is an alternative for both mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems, allowing a better integration of equipment (especially wood stoves) in current construction designs based on high insulation envelopes; as well as for older homes and with a more precarious insulation, where the usual thing would be to open the windows, with the consequent loss of energy.

It presents a minimalist design but a groundbreaking concept, which simplifies the way we can heat the house and breathe better. 

The project is in the final prototyping phase, finalizing the design of the first commercial unit that will be released on the Spanish market shortly.

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