Heating of diesel in Austria is prohibited.

Death to gas oil in austria

The 2019 year started well for the Austrians, because since January's 1, diesel heating in new buildings in Lower Austria is forbidden, and will be even better. Vienna continues with this trend at the end of March and goes a step further: diesel heating systems are also prohibited for major reforms. On a national level, diesel oil heaters will be banned throughout Austria from 2020. The next step is expected to be to prohibit the installation of gas heaters.

The Austrians will get a double savings with this measure. On the one hand, the reduction of the immense penalties for the climate goal that Austria is already paying, which is estimated to be 5 one billion euros in the coming years. And on the other hand, in the costs of importing fossil fuels in the coming years, amounting to about 10 one billion euros per year.

And another fact that will mobilize local resources and installers, will be the change of 600.000 diesel heating systems in Austria, which will bring great demand for work and an important economic boost.

Since the first editions, Expobiomasa in collaboration with ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA has many companies from this country that firmly believes in biomass as a source of renewable energy capable of providing savings and sustainability to consumers.

Lukas Pawek. Energie-bau-Magazin. 12.3.2019

Source: https://oekonews.at/?mdoc_id=1122103