Biothers of industries Salgueda and nabla Thermoelectrics will be in Expobiomasa

bioThERS from Industrias Salgueda and Nabla Thermoelectrics will be at #Expobiomasa2017

BioThERS is an energy recovery system that generates electricity directly from fire using thermoelectric technology. This innovative device will allow any biomass heating system to become a cogeneration system: producing heat and energy at the same time.

BioThers is capable of feeding fans, lighting, extractors, water pumps and even charging electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart-watches, gps and others.
Illumination. In countries where electricity is not available, bioThERS can supply energy to power the ambient lighting of several rooms or decorative lighting to be used within the heating system.
Ventilation. Forced convection fans can be fed only with the energy released by the fire. Convection fans increase the feeling of comfort and reduce the time to thermally condition the room.

USB charging It is also possible to charge mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, GPS, smartwatches, etc. This can be very useful for isolated houses or mountain shelters.
Wood load indicator. The heating energy generated by a biomass heating equipment depends on the amount of biomass load, as well as the type of wood used. With the wood charge indicator, the user can always know if the heating equipment is supplying the nominal heat output.
Aimed at objective customers responsible with the climate that recognize the value of an innovative stove that uses a renewable energy to power the electrical devices. With bioThERS, the electrical connection is not necessary, making the heating system independent of the network and easier to install.

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From the 26 to the 29 of September in Feria de Valladolid.