600 hours of clearing and simultaneous harvest of scrub. Presentation of the November 28 results in Madrid

enerbioscrub day

Free technical seminar "Technologies of brush clearing and harvesting for energy purposes, results and applications"

In the technical conference will be presented the results of the more than 600 hours of clearing and simultaneous harvesting of scrub, carried out, during the development of the project Life + ENERBIOSCRUB, with two innovative equipment that clear and harvest it in two different ways .

The technical staff of TRAGSA has taken charge of the determination of productivities in terms of the quantification of the harvested scrub, the intrinsic process losses, the control of times and other significant variables. This information will be very useful to establish the most appropriate operating systems, according to the work circumstances, which would idealize the "cost-quality" binomial of the action.




Further information: http://enerbioscrub.ciemat.es/eventos-futuros