The oil sector wants to improve the energy recovery of olive grove biomass

Tractor picking olive pruning

During the 4º meeting of the European Olive Oil and Biomass of Olivar Federation, the concern in the sector on how to improve the circular economy of the olive sector, as well as the high yields and difficult output of the main biomass of the olive was highlighted. olive grove: the orujillo.

The only viable output currently for Spain is energy valuation of biomass with the reconversion of coal plants in biomass plants and the creation of new plants of medium power less than 15 MW, spread over the production areas of the olive grove. In both cases, using the orujillo and the pruning remains as the main biomass, in addition to the forest biomass.

The estimate of the next campaign is that Spain will have 1.500.000 tons, Italy 380.000 t., Portugal 150.000 t. and Greece 300.000 t.