Sustainable Ecofricalia has developed a new automated pellet sales system

Echofricalia Myopellets
Myopellet – The bulk pellet dispenser with unattended payment system

Echophricalia has developed this new device myopellet that allows the sale of pellets in bulk in an automated way through electronic management and unattended payment by bank card, with very low consumption and minimum maintenance. 

The entire purchase process is guided through the touch screen: the user thus chooses the number of downloads and makes the payment through a bank card. Once verified, the container is inserted into the receptacle, where a sensor checks that the container is correctly located to weigh and carry out the chosen discharge, stopping the supply and requesting a change of container when it is finished.

The exterior design is completely eligible for the client and additionally, the equipment has a 70 ”screen to incorporate third-party advertising and thus achieve additional income.

Myopellet intends to revolutionize the way in which the pellet reaches the end customer, improving its accessibility and transport, making it similar to other fuels available on the market. This system allows the pellet to be sold in bulk at a better price for the end customer, since it avoids bagging and marketing costs while eliminating the use of single-use plastics since the supply is made through convenient reusable containers. to transport and more respectful with the environment.

Myopellet improves the sale of pellets, turning it into an affordable product in a timely manner, at a competitive price, modernizing the supply of this biofuel and adapting it to the demands of each consumer. Located in a visible place, Myopellet supplies the pellet in a simple way, at any time and without intermediaries, just as it happens every time we fill the tank of our vehicle.



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