At CEIS they evaluate stoves, inserts and wood-burning boilers to guarantee their performance and gas emission levels according to the eco-design regulations

photo ceis firewood
Domestic heating equipment (stoves, inserts and cookers) using wood and pellets and biomass boilers

Pellet and wood stoves and inserts are domestic heating equipment of up to 50 kW that supply heat to the room in which they are installed with the possible supply of hot water to the DHW circuit when they have a water circuit or kettle installed.

This equipment must be marketed with the regulatory CE Marking in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011.

Biomass boilers provide buildings with heating, or heating and domestic hot water.

Both types of products, household appliances and biomass boilers, must meet the requirements set out in the eco-labelling and eco-design regulations.

We carry out tests on:

  • Stoves, according to UNE EN 13240
  • Kitchens, according to UNE EN 12815
  • Inserts and open hearths, according to UNE EN 13229
  • Domestic heating equipment powered by wood pellets, according to UNE EN 14785
  • Domestic wood boilers, according to UNE EN 12809
  • Special boilers (up to 70 kW), according to UNE EN 303-5

CEIS is a Notified Body by the Ministry of Industry with nº 1722 for carrying out type product tests for the CE Marking in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (EU) nº305/2011 (Scope Technical Annex).

The CEIS tests also allow the evaluation of compliance with the requirements demanded in the regulations of:

  • Ecological Design: 2015/1189 and 2015/1185, which imposes limits for seasonal performance and the level of seasonal emissions.
  • Energy Labeling: 2015/1187 and 2015/1186 that require the marketing of biomass boilers and stoves with an energy efficiency label.

CEIS is recognized as a laboratory Flame verte.

CEIS performs tests to comply with different national legislation within the European Union

  • BAFA and BlmSchV (Germany)
  • art 15a B-VG (Austria)
  • Thermal Conto, (Italy)


CEIS participated in the last edition of Expobiomasa