Ecoforest, a leading company in the heating sector without fossil fuels.

biomass renewable energy stoves
The commercial offer of the companies could anticipate new milestones in the European legislative process.

The non-governmental organization European Environmental Bureau has highlighted the commitment of Ecoforest and 16 other heating equipment manufacturers transitioning to a non-fossil fuel sector by joining a petition to remove subsidies and sell fossil fuel boilers.

Currently, 40% of the gas imported into the EU is used in buildings and their energy consumption, most of it for heating. While 75% of European homes continue to have obsolete boilers that use fossil fuels, such as natural gas and diesel, European citizens will continue to be dependent on non-renewable, polluting and unsafe energy sources to heat their homes.

In the coming months we will see the restructuring of the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Building Energy Efficiency Directive, as well as the European Ecodesign and Energy Label regulations for heating systems.

Political progress towards a sustainable heating sector will be key to achieving many climate, energy and security goals at European and national level. 

Other Spanish manufacturers participating in Expobiomasa 2023 such as Bronpi, Ferlux, or Lasian they have already taken the first steps towards a more stable, efficient and affordable fossil fuel-free air conditioning industry. Now it is the turn of legislators to support the transition and match the commitment of these companies to sustainability.

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