The biomass boiler manufacturer COMPTE.R continues its activity thanks to the adaptation of the way of working in the factory.

COMPTE.R continues to manufacture and supply biomass boilers ranging from 100 kW to 12 MW at its factory located in Rhône-Alpes (France), despite the current pandemic situation.

Some equipment supplied or in manufacturing are:

  • Two 2,5 MW biomass boilers for Avrora, which is a Russian furniture factory with 4 production halls in Dimitrovgrad.
  • An 800 kW biomass boiler for France Volet, a French manufacturer of swing shutters and doors, which will use production waste from the Arcis-sur-Aube factory as fuel.
  • Three biomass boilers of 4,5 MW each to equip the boiler room of the municipal housing and services society of the city of Kobrin (Belarus), which replace gas boilers and allow the use of local fuel and supply heat to subscribers at a lower cost.
  • A 750 kW wood pellet boiler will be delivered in October 2020 to Lalliard, a French lumber company, for its production workshop, offices and technical premises in Bonneville.