SUGIMAT supplies steam boiler with biomass to the largest orujera in Europe

SUGIMAT boiler
The boiler has a thermal power of 11 MW and uses the pomace from the plant itself as fuel.

@Sugimat has designed, manufactured and supplied for San Miguel Arcángel, the largest pomace producer in Europe, a turnkey facility in Villanueva del Arzobispo (Jaén) formed, among other elements, by a water tube steam boiler for the combustion of pomace. This biomass boiler, with a production of 15 Tn/h of industrial steam and an equivalent thermal power of 11 MW, has a design by the German firm ERK, of which Sugimat has the sole license in Spain.

San Miguel Arcángel, the largest pomace-producing factory in Europe, has relied on Sugimat to develop its plant in Villanueva del Arzobispo (Jaén), who has designed, manufactured and installed a turnkey steam boiler water tube for the combustion of biomass, specifically orujillo. This biomass, derived from the process of extracting oil from the olive, is characterized by its high calorific value.

However, this waste also presents a problem related to its ash content and its low melting point, therefore, a specific design of a multi-step water tube industrial steam boiler has been carried out to counteract the effect of fouling on the heat exchange body.

This boiler, with an operating guarantee of 8.000 hours per year, has replaced the previous equipment and saves a significant current consumption of diesel, since it uses the by-product of the plant itself, the orujillo, as fuel for the generation of process steam. , turning the installation into a success story of circular economy.

In addition to the boiler, Sugimat has supplied the combustion system with a mobile grill, the company's own technology, the control system and the smoke treatment to guarantee the quality of emissions into the atmosphere, as established by RD 1042/ 2017.


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