First Renewable Gas Fair

First exclusive technology fair for professionals aimed at promoting business opportunities among companies related to renewable gas in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, as well as disseminating and promoting the development of biogas and biomethane as a renewable energy source before society.


The first SALON DEL GAS RENOVABLE is held in parallel to EXPOBIOMASA and the International Bioenergy Congress.

DATES: 21, 22 AND 23 September 2021.
PLACE: Fair of Valladolid, Spain.
AMBIT: business.
ORGANIZER: Spanish Association of Biomass.
TECHNICAL PARTNER: Spanish Association of Biogas.
COLLABORATE: European Biogas Association, Bioenergy Europe, IDAE
Investors with business opportunities, technical professionals looking for technology, investors looking for turnkey, managers and producers of large quantities of waste.
Companies that offer technology, producers, transporters, distributors, marketers, technical managers, engineering and turnkey projects.
Valladolid will once again host a meeting that was created with the aim of supporting the promotion of initiatives related to renewable gas, especially biogas and other renewable gases: its ability to take advantage of the gas system for its transportation, distribution or storage, and of replacing natural gas of fossil origin in its usual end uses (cooking, heating, DHW, industrial processes, transportation, etc.), with the indisputable advantage of being of renewable origin and helping to curb Climate Change.
In addition, the event will also feature all the news regarding the energy use of hydrogen.
Because it is the moment. European society has prepared the way and the available technology is optimal to increase the contribution to the energy mix. Investment in new projects is growing and professionals demand a biennial appointment to present news and expand the network of professional contacts.
At present, there is a clear political commitment in Spain for these technologies that had not been manifested to date.
Following in the footsteps of France, which has set the goal of a network with 100% renewable gas in 2050, Spain is already working to define a stable framework to make biomethane development a reality, as required by the European Green Pact , the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan and the draft Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition.
The European Union has 18.200 biogas plants, with an installed capacity of 11 GWe capable of generating 63 TWeh per year of biogas, and 750 biomethane plants that produce 23 TWh, with a projection of reaching 370 TWh in 2030 and 1.170 TWh in 2050.
Both Spain, with just over 200 biogas plants and 2 biomethane plants in operation, as well as Portugal, with 64 biogas plants, have a long way to go to achieve the objectives (Data in 2018 - EBA Statiscal Report 2019).
The situation derived from covid-19 requires all administrations - European, national and regional - to accelerate the economic injection to this sector that generates employment and local wealth. In this way, Spain, and also Portugal, will reduce the outflow of capital to other economies while contributing a renewable and proprietary biofuel to the important gas infrastructure that we already have: gas pipelines, deposits, distribution networks and boilers.
Professionals from the Iberian Peninsula will have their biennial appointment
The organizers of the XNUMXst Renewable Gas Show are confident that the health situation will normalize in the coming months, and are already working to make the fair, parallel sessions and the congress safe spaces where they can show all the innovation and technology available to professionals.
The XNUMXst Renewable Gas Show will be held in parallel to the International Bioenergy Congress and the Expobiomasa fair, whose focus is on the energy recovery of solid biomass.
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