Savings and energy efficiency

In Spain bioenergy mobilizes 3.700 million euros between electricity, thermal generation and biofuels for transport. And it is, without a doubt, the renewable energy source that best meets the postulates of the bioeconomy, involving thousands of professionals from different sectors.

Service, financial, communication companies, investment groups, public companies, administrations, professional and business associations promote and participate in many projects in order to implement solutions for both consumers and professionals.

A key sector for job posting, which take advantage of own resources and proximity reducing energy dependence and the import of oil and gas. The pellet industries cannot be relocated and they are all in small municipalities that fill them with life.

The Pedralbes Palace in Barcelona has been one of the last unique buildings in the national geography to incorporate biomass-fed equipment for thermal uses, that is, to meet the demand for heat and Sanitary Hot Water (ACS).
With the summer wildfires both experts, professionals and environmental groups are reminding us that the management of forests and land is essential to protect them against fire. The problem is to make them profitable so that private owners, in the hands of those who are half of the forest mass can face their maintenance.
Take advantage of the resources that are around and optimize the operation of the facilities themselves are the basis of the project of the Cooperativa San Miguel de Taust
A seal that guarantees the quality and specialization in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of biomass stoves and boiler installations
In recognition of the different actions, both outreach, support and investment, developed in recent years, especially in regard to the use of biomass for thermal generation in both public and private buildings.
Biomass combustion tests in the form of pine chips in a pilot combustion plant of 500 kWt grills at CEDER-CIEMAT. The emission of particles is clearly influenced by the quality of the chips.
HCT technology is a power cycle that optimizes the condensation of steam from industrial biomass boilers
Industrial modular biomass system with a compact and transportable design. Lower electric consumption and greater net efficiency.
The four bioethanol factories in Spain produced almost forty percent more of this biofuel in 2018 compared to 2017, according to data provided by the National Commission of Markets and Competition. The production went from 379 million liters in 2017 to 522 in 2018, which is about ninety percent of installed capacity.
In the thermal power station do Pego, of 628 MW, before the imminent closing foreseen in 2022 and to extend the life of the power station, they are analyzing the alternative of replacing the coal with forest biomass, but it will depend on the conditions that the Government grants for it .
17 million euros is planned to invest Nestlé in its factory in Girona, Spain, to build a biomass boiler, use coffee grounds as a biofuel and obtain process steam. Thus, in its production chain it will be supplied with renewable energy and will reduce the consumption of natural gas in the factory by twenty-five percent.
The HAM Group has put into service its third HAMikro refueling station in Lleida, which allows the refueling of biomethane derived from a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The facility, owned by FCC Aqualia, consists of a fuel compression system that uses a low flow compressor, a device that allows the storage of biomethane in high pressure bottles (CNG) and a vehicle pump dispenser.