SCHOTT ROBAX® invites you to take a look at the future at Expobiomasa, the fair held in Valladolid from the 24 to the 26 in September of 2019. The German firm has 15.500 employees in 34 countries and comes to Expobiomasa (pavilion 4 / stand 465) to "captivate" visitors with the latest developments related to their special glasses and glass-ceramics. The serial production of ROBAX® glass-ceramic panels began 40 years ago and since then more than 100 million units have been sold.
From its first edition in 2006 to the last one in 2017, more professional visitors have visited the 143.000 fair, of which 9% came from different countries of the world -94 registered origins-. Most of the professional 10.000 that came from Europe were Portuguese; by proximity and because it is your "moment" to contact suppliers and find appropriate solutions to the evolution of the sector in your country.
The Government Board of the City of Sant Antoni approved the May 10 the contracting of the installation of a biomass boiler to supply the needs of the sports complex Can Coix. The tender for this project has been called for 292.526 euros. This action will involve the installation of a thermal generator (boiler) of forest biomass chips to replace the current gas generator in the municipal pool.
Pellet stoves in Europe: more and more.
Comfortable, renewable, economic and ecological.
The Spanish Association of Biomass Energy Valorization (Avebiom) joins the tendency of most EU countries to guarantee the quality of biomass installation companies and has launched the first seal of (IBC). It is a brand that supports the quality and specialization of companies in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of thermal biomass installations.
Antonio Molina, General Director of Panadero presents us the Denia Stoves brand that they have developed specially directed to the specialist channel and with a different and careful conception for a more demanding public.
The Swedish company, Trelleborg Wheel Systems has announced that it will completely redesign the manufacturing process of its solid tires. The company will do so through the introduction of an advanced biomass boiler.
Last Monday 22 of April, World Earth Day, the Observatory of Sustainability published an executive summary about the most polluting companies in the country with the reason to remember that if we do not decarbonise all sectors of our economy in the coming decades, it is Temperatures are likely to rise above the 2 degrees, with devastating consequences.
Finland will be the protagonist of the next edition of Expobiomasa 2019, the most important international fair in the biomass sector in Europe, organized by the Spanish Association for Biomass Energy Valorization (Avebiom), which will take place on 24, 25 and 26 days September at the Valladolid fairground.
According to the latest statistics from the Natural Resources Institute of Finland, a total of 385.000 tons of wood pellets were produced in Finland in 2018, almost one fifth more than in the previous year, and the highest production in history. Also at 2018, imports set a record with a total of 95.000 tons of wood pellets imported into Finland. They increased an 10 percent and were mostly imported from Russia. A total of 43.000 tons were also exported, mainly to Denmark and Sweden.