The last edition had as exhibitors 540 leading firms in the sector from 30 countries. You can find and contact specialized suppliers by products, activity or country in this link.
Göteborg Energi, a public company that supplies electricity and district heating to the city of Gothenburg in Sweden, converted its 110 MW boiler room from natural gas to pulverized wood by changing only the burners. In this way they managed to minimize the use of fossil fuels (whose carbon tax in Sweden is € 120 per ton of CO2 emitted) by reusing the boilers.
Heizomat partners with Siemens to equip its boilers with a new touch system to be able to regulate its wood boilers with it. This new system allows new possibilities for the management and control of different boiler setting parameters, while guaranteeing high reliability. More info:
2 Herz boilers for a total of 2.000 kW, supplied by Termosun, will replace four diesel and gas boilers at the Ferrol Naval Hospital. They will use wood pellets as fuel, significantly reducing thermal production costs and emissions.
Lithuania and its 3 million inhabitants were heavily dependent on fossil fuel imports from Russia. In 2014, when Lithuania became an EU member state, it paid the highest price for imported gas, a price considered "political" as it was not comparable to the market situation.
Termosun has supplied a 4MW Austrian Binder boiler that will allow it to gain energy efficiency and expand the supply network by 20% in the urban center of Sant Pere de Torelló in the province of Barcelona. The commissioning has been carried out by the Suris company.
Most biomass boiler manufacturers in Europe have worked well in advance to put on the market a catalog of high-quality equipment that meets ecodesign requirements.
Wood pellet production in Spain has increased by 20% in the last year, reaching a record volume of 714.000 tons in 2019.
From the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM) and the Spanish Association of Wood Pellet Production Companies (APROPELLETS) we report that bioenergy professionals continue to work to guarantee the supply of clean energy
Located in the Polígono El Bayo de Cubillos del Sil, the technical process has been completed and it will be able to start producing in the coming weeks. The power plant will produce 290 megawatts of renewable and clean electricity enough to supply 83.000 homes.
The kW could cost 80% less, the agricultural machinery could reduce its emissions by 90% and the vineyard branches provide heating and hot water in a sustainable, more economical and renewable way to 60.000 homes throughout Castilla y León. These are some data that COAG manages in its sessions that promote Against Climate Change.