Ribadavia provides biomass boilers to the CRA de Francelos and San Cristovo

ribadavia installs biomass

The Concello de Ribadavia completed the work of placing biomass boilers in the two CRA unit centers of San Cristovo and Francelos, in which a total investment of 26.000 euros was made. A performance with which in addition to improving heating in both facilities generates a important savings for the municipal coffers.

The two schools were heated by electricity, with radiators that operated the 24 hours of the day almost to reach the right temperature, so that electricity consumption soared.

With the placement of these two biomass boilers, it is expected that with the energy saving the investment will be amortized in about two years, besides being an ecological consumption.

If the functioning of this biomass boiler system continues to be satisfactory, the City does not rule out in the next few years more centers, such as the San Paio school or the headquarters of the Local Police.

Más info: http://www.farodevigo.es/portada-ourense/2017/12/07/ribadavia-dota-calderas-biomasa-cra/1799278.html