Historical maximums are reached in the installation of equipment and the total installed power.
In this third auction, which was held on October 25, 2022, up to 100 MW corresponded to biomass in projects without power restrictions and another 40 MW for facilities with installed power equal to or less than 20 MW. MITECO has finally awarded 146 MW of biomass at a weighted average price of €93,09/MWh, with a maximum of €108,19/MWh and a minimum of €72,38/MWh.
The Government of Spain opens a call for direct aid for biomass heat network projects from September 26. This aid has been endowed with 100 million euros and the subsidized projects must be launched before October 31, 2025.
The VISION 2030 project establishes the strategy of Airbus Spain to achieve its objectives in its fight against Climate Change: a 65% reduction in C02 emissions and a 30% reduction in global factory energy before the year 2030.
FERLUX has been manufacturing heating devices for more than 32 years, beginning with a range of wood-burning fireplaces and barbecues, up to advanced products with a high technological content and avant-garde. Ferlux currently sells fireplaces and barbecues in more than 20 countries.
MITECO publishes ORDER TED/707/2022, of July 21, with the first call for aid for heat network projects with renewable energies of more than 1 MW, endowed with 100 million euros. Current aid for heating networks with renewable energies The call opens on September 26 and ends on October 28, 2022. The actions subject to aid must be completed by October 31, 2025.
This hallway pellet stove is the narrowest model in the ECOFOREST range, which offers all the advantages of our technology in a very compact sealed stove, with dimensions that fit into very small spaces, including WIFI and internet connection, finned exchanger, automatic regulation, etc. It also has the characteristic of being the flattest pellet stove in the world with a depth of just 16,7 cm.
The new heat network with forest biomass for the buildings on the campus of the University of Valladolid in Palencia will serve the buildings on the "La Yutera" campus: ETS Engineering Agrarias, Vice-rectorate, Classrooms, Departments and the faculties of Education and Sciences of the Worked.
Created for elegant and sophisticated environments, the X DATEO Range maximizes the concept of domestic fireplace. Everything “superfluous” has been removed, leaving room for a clean and minimal design.imalview that unbelievably exalts the vision of fire that seems almost suspended in space. A solid base is, in fact, the only element that supports the large combustion chamber, the true focus of the series and the main attraction of each look. main features
"Everything that burns in a boiler, stops burning in the forest." This is how forceful Francesc Cano is, deputy director of transfer at the Center for Forestry Science and Technology of Catalonia (CTFC). Cano refers to forest biomass that is extracted from forests to be used for energy purposes. A biomass to which more and more industries are switching due to the high price of gas.
At the end of 2021, 497.556 pellet stoves and boilers were operating in Spain, 74.655 more than the previous year. Sales of equipment for domestic use, up to 50kW of power, have increased by 40,3%.
A food company in Madrid has begun to recover the single-use pallets it receives daily thanks to a chipper and a 100 kW boiler supplied by Heizomat Spain.