AVEBIOM wanted to thank in a special way Dr. Christian Rakos, current president of the World Bioenergy Association, for his commitment to the dissemination and development of the solid biomass sector for energy uses in Spain during the last 16 years, giving him the award Promote Bioenergy 2020.
Spain managed to reduce its CO6,2 emissions by 2% in 2019. That is what the Advance of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, published by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge at the beginning of summer, indicated. The final data will be produced throughout this fall, this figure supports the viability of using non-fossil energy sources.
In the basement there is a biomass boiler, for burning native wood chips, as a central source of energy for the heating system and for the production of sanitary hot water. The chips are discharged from the street through two mouths specifically designed to facilitate supply. This warehouse is connected to the boiler through an auger that allows the supply of this natural fuel to be automated.
The FORUS SE2 electric drive universal 250-axis pre-shredder has just arrived at this plant in Castilla y León, which is perfectly adapted to effortlessly shred plant debris, demolition wood, branches, vines, etc.
SOLZAIMA begins production this month in its new factory. This investment is the result of the growth that the firm has had over the more than 39 years dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and biomass heating systems
The start-up of 380 MW in 2025 represents an increase in demand for biomass of forestry and agricultural origin of about 4 million tons. Currently, with some 900 MW operating in Spain, the demand is around 9 million tons of biomass, mainly residues from the oil industry, the wood and paper industry, and other biofuels of forest and agricultural origin.
The award ceremony will take place on December 3, Bioenergy Day in Spain. The Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM) awards the 'Fomenta la Bioenergía 2020' award to Christian Rakos, current president of the World Bioenergy Association, in recognition of the solid collaboration that, in a personal capacity, he has maintained with AVEBIOM in the dissemination and development of the solid biomass sector for energy uses in Spain for 16 years.
Naturpellet faces its crucial period of the year driven by the expansion of its manufacturing capacity that has just concluded. After making an investment of 3,5 million euros, it will go from producing 40.000 tons of pellets to 60.000. The icing on the cake to a growth process developed in phases that began in 2018 with the incorporation of a third granulator and the comprehensive renovation of the material drying area of ​​its facilities in Sanchonuño (Segovia).
The new EP5500 SHARK V biomass crushers, distributed in Spain and Latin America by EUROPA PARTS, have several rotors for different types of products, maximizing their production with each material. In addition to improving accessibility for the operator through its new touch screen, fully integrated with the remote control.
The increase in the installation of new biomass stoves and boilers for residential use, with powers up to 50kW, has registered an increase in business volume of 2019% in 17,3 compared to the previous year, up to 356 million euros, according to has informed the director of Expobiomasa, Jorge Herrero, in reference to the Annual Report of the Biomass Observatory that is being prepared by the Spanish Association of Biomass -AVEBIOM-.
With a sales volume of 24.000 tons of biomass per year, ESE Salamanca provides sustainable and comfortable heating to 90.000 users. Bioenergy Barbero is committed to digitization in the maintenance of centralized heating and hot water systems powered by biomass, a constant commitment to innovation. The company specializing in the change from coal to biomass boilers in neighboring communities has innovative remote management systems that facilitate remote control of the facilities. 
The cold comes and we are at home longer, so it is important to keep the rooms warm, better than gas or oil boilers are pellet stoves and fireplaces, both for the first and second homes. Much more comfortable, attractive and simple to install are pellet equipment.