Mobile Pellet Plan, plant for the production of pellets in Expobiomasa

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Mobile Pellet Plant, a pellet manufacturing plant. The pelletizadora is manufactured in a container of about 40 feet, ready to work. This pellet plant It can be transported, which allows to relocate the production of pellets and change their location depending on where the raw material is.

Luis Pacheco, manager of Ecofricalia, a company specializing in biomass, shows in the following video how the pellet production plant works, how the milling and mixing of material is carried out and how the pelletizer is fed. The pellet leaves at a temperature of between 60 and 80 degrees of temperature and through a conveyor belt it is taken to a chiller. Then the screening is done to clean the pellet and ready for packaging. Mobile Pellet Plan comes prepared and anchored are vacuum system, lighting and electrical panel. It includes a compressor for cooling the pelletizer and lubricating it.


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