Installer Key in the expansion of biomass in the domestic sphere

The installer is key in the expansion of biomass
Installers of domestic biomass equipment and several manufacturers of stoves and boilers talk in this article about their technical-commercial relationships and how to increase end-user satisfaction. Installers require factory support

How a biomass installer is trained

Although it is remarkable the increase of installers trained in biomass compared to years ago, Araceli Pimentel, of BRONPI, believes that "an important part does not yet have sufficient knowledge". There is no regulated official training for installers of biomass stoves and boilers, so in practice, this is acquired with the experience of day-to-day work.

Several training centers offer On-site and online specialization courses, with durations that vary between 20 and 500 and various agendas. The manufacturers, on the other hand, usually offer courses of one or two days in their own classrooms aimed at professionals who are already installers to instruct them in the operation of their own equipment and in commercial tasks.

Nuno Sequeira, from SOLZAIMAHe adds that it is necessary to train also in the correct implementation of the additional elements of an installation and ensures that your company has started a training program together with other manufacturers in chimneys, pumps and other equipment. "A Good installation of fireplace is basic so that the installation works well and to achieve the savings that the user seeks, "he says.

You can ensure the professionalism of the installers

Installers must be in possession of the professional card in thermal installations in buildings that the RITE requires, but this regulation does not contemplate specific rules for assembling biomass equipment, something that professionals generally lack. Ángel Martínez, from HARGASSNER, agrees that the rule is very general but adds that for a correct installation must take into account the recommendations of each manufacturer "and this is very difficult to reflect in a regulation."

Some installers believe that the RITE is sufficient to install biomass if their instructions are rigorously followed. Juan Ortega, regular equipment installer ECOFOREST, thinks that many problems arise from the lack of maintenance of some biomass facilities.

Initiatives like the seal "AVEBIOM Certified Biomass Installer" driven by the Spanish Association of Energy Valorization of Biomass are viewed with good eyes by both manufacturers and the installers themselves. Se It aims to guarantee that biomass thermal installations are executed by highly competent installers, with a RITE license and that they also certify specific capacity for biomass. Mikel Erasun, Berotza Iturgintza, esteem that it is "interesting that the client can value the professionalism of the installer".

How the installer chooses biomass stoves and boilers

After sales support from manufacturers or large distributors is one of the points most valued by professionals when they choose the equipment they will install. "We are looking for a fast technical service, able to perform a proper maintenance from the team to a good price", Highlights Mario Eco-environmental energy.

Manufacturers take advantage of the new communication technologies to offer technical assistance service (SAT) Quickly: through email, WhatsApp or Facebook. They also offer help to develop specific projects and conduct visits in complex situations for the installer. They usually provide material for marketing and promotion of equipment, a resource valued when the installer has an establishment open to the public.

Manufacturers receive inquiries of all kinds from their installers. Many are related to Boiler power to be used and the work schemeexplains Ángel Martínez.

It is important to diagnose the problem accurately, that is why, explains Paolo Zulian, de PALAZZETTI, "We help the installer to ask the right questions to detect the problem and exclude alternative hypotheses."

The recognized quality of the brands and the proximity to the supplier are also factors that installers take into account when choosing equipment. "I choose boilers based on technical support and Parts that they offer me ", confirms Sergio Moreno, of the company SERMOTEC ..

Keys for biomass customers

Thus, although it is still a relatively unknown source of energy and professionals offer it as an alternative, it is increasingly the users who request its installation. In any case, the professional must listen to the client and find the balance between their needs, the quality of the installation and the budget they are willing to assume. "Each user has different needs and the right equipment will not always be of the same brand or model," reflects Mikel.

Getting your customer satisfied and saving a lot of money using biomass guarantees installers loyal customers for life. "The market for biomass installers is very local and very much influenced by word of mouth. It is very important that there are no bad facilities or your name will not be well considered in the villages where you work ", summarizes Nuno Sequeira

conduct a good calculation of energy demand, that covers the needs of the client is fundamental to choose the most suitable equipment and investment, explains Mario Díaz, from MANACALOR.

Get the maximum energy efficiency of the installation ensures a good experience by the user and this is achieved, says Sergio, with his adequate regulation and control.


IMAGE: BRONPI. Training of installers in a classroom.