PERGE presented the new DUOTHERM and STOPTHERM devices at Expobiomasa 2023


El DUOTHERM device It allows you to regulate different heating circuits with the same or different temperatures directly from the boiler without the need for a 3-way mixing valve. Each circuit is regulated to the temperature of our needs and a different time schedule can be made. It consists of two positions:

  1. “Radiators” position: the 2 heating circuits have the same temperature and the temperature curves are superimposed.
  2. “Underfloor heating” position: allows the creation of a second “virtual” water path, thus obtaining two circuits at different temperatures.

El STOP-THERM device allows the return of heating at temperatures below 55ºC. It separates, by means of a perforated plate, two zones of water at different temperatures. The first zone, around the perimeter of the combustion chamber, will always remain at a temperature of 60ºC, while the second zone, called the mixing chamber, will change according to the needs of the installation. This transmission of energy is carried out by thermosiphon. Thanks to this device we avoid the formation of condensation and any type of corrosion, thus extending the useful life of the boiler, without the need to install a 3-way valve. Its main features are:

  • anti-corrosion device
  • No return temperature limitation.
  • Temperature adjusted to the needs.
  • Up to 30% energy savings.

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