HERZ BioFire, the biomass answer to large installations

Herz BioFire boiler
Biomass for large facilities

The range of HERZ BioFire biomass boilers It is the answer to large installations with a high energy demand. With a variable power of between 500 and 1.500 kW depending on the selected model, through its cascade installation it is possible to reach 4.500 kW in a single project.

This range of biomass boilers are prepared to work with solid biofuels with a maximum moisture content of 40% (and optionally up to 55%) and their construction characteristics provide a high level of efficiency tested by the most demanding European control bodies. . Taking into consideration its technical characteristics, its application is intended for large biomass facilities such as health service buildings, educational centers, public buildings, hotel complexes, swimming pools and sports complexes, large industries, District Heating y iconic buildings large-scale.


Main advantages of HERZ BioFire biomass boilers

The advantages of the HERZ BioFire range of biomass boilers in all its models are as follows:

  • Compact and modular design.
  • Remote visualization and management as standard by means of T-Control and Lambda probe.
  • Quick assembly by means of prefabricated modules.
  • Water Jacket cooling system for both the boiler body and the exchanger.
  • Automatic cleaning system for the combustion chamber and exchangers.
  • Double introducer auger.
  • Adjustable mobile grill to adapt to biofuel.
  • Automatic ash extraction.
  • Automatic biofuel feeding system.
  • Possibility of cascade installation to reach 4.500 total kW.



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