Make the most of the mountain biomass

La technification of forestry work is key to be efficient in the biomass energy sector, a relatively new sector that grows steadily. The demand for wood in Europe will grow in the next decades by 40%, and Spain has a long way to go.

The consumption of biomass to generate heat in an automated way has been multiplied by 4,4 in the last 10 years. Only the manufacture of pellets in 2018 needed three million cubic meters of pinewood in Spain and its forecast is that manufacturing will be multiplied by two in 2022.

The use of biomass for electricity generation foresees an important leap with the implementation of 200MW in the coming months. Government plans provide multiply by three the current installed power, something that would be key to profitable forest exploitation.

Free Technical Conference "Technologies of brush threshing and harvesting for energy purposes Results and applications" In the technical conference will be presented the results of the more than 600 hours of clearing and simultaneous harvesting of scrub, carried out, during the development of the Life + ENERBIOSCRUB project, with two innovative teams that clear it and harvest it in two different ways.
The clearing of scrub and cleaning of mountains can generate very abundant biomass resources, according to the Enerbioscrub project
Biomasa-AP, a cross-border cooperation project that aims to optimize the use of agroforestry biomass with high energy and economic potential in Galicia and Northern Portugal, specifically the biomass from pruning remains, shrubs, vines and kiwi. Biomass-AP is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg VA Spain-Portugal Program (POCTEP) 2014 - 2020.
In the framework of Expobiomasa from COSE, ASEMFO and AVEBIOM we organized a DEBATE on the trade of forest biomass in which the main managers and responsible for purchases of biomass of the leading companies in the sector (bioelectric, exporters, ESEs, pellet manufacturers, ... ). It is aimed at owners, forestry auctioneers, sawmill and recycling industries, who are eager to know the opinion on current market expectations and medium-term demand from the hand of some of the most active buyers of forest biomass in Spain
Some farms in Cieza already crush the remains of agricultural pruning for use in specific facilities that take advantage of their energy value as an alternative to traditional burning with annoying fumes that especially in the months of autumn and winter invade the atmosphere.
Betanzos City Council has notified almost a hundred owners of land that have their plots in a state of neglect, so it will urge them to clean their areas so that the undergrowth does not invade the neighboring farms. The local government reminds them that it is of maximum interest "for all" that the parcels and lots of the Council are in an "adequate state of cleanliness and with the vegetable mass cut." "This is a duty that landowners have throughout the year, with the current legislation being very clear about this," the notice states.
Source: Several studies show that the incidence in fires decreases if you work together with scrub and trees. With the arrival of summer and the intense heat, together with the drought that many areas of the country have experienced in recent months, the risk of forest fires increases considerably in Spain. A problem for which, year after year, solutions are sought by providing more and more means to fight fires or conducting studies to see how they can reduce the impact of them.
Source: Fall of the 40% of paper exports from Finland in 10 years while the use of bioenergy consolidates its growth.
Source: Statement by Fernando Summers, CEO of, on World Environment Day.
Source: The Spanish forestry sector wants Forests to be a really effective instrument to mitigate the effects of climate change, as has been clear in the conference held last Wednesday at the Spanish Institute of Engineering, entitled "Forests for the Climate".