The Spanish Biomass Association maintains the celebration of EXPOBIOMASA on its scheduled dates, from September 21 to 23, 2021

expobiomass 2021

The meeting plans to mark the relaunch of the commercial activity of the sector at the beginning of the next season.

Health safety will be a priority in this edition, with coordinated measures together with the Castilla y León Fair Institution.

As in previous editions, the hiring of spaces with special discounts for exhibitors is extended until April 30.

AVEBIOM, the Spanish Biomass Association and the main employer of the biomass sector in Spain, maintains on the scheduled dates the celebration of EXPOBIOMASA 2021, the professional event on innovation and technology for the energy use of biomass.

For three days, from September 21 to 23, Valladolid will once again host the fair, in an unprecedented edition to support the recovery of commercial activity in the sector in the markets of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

The companies that make up the association have decided to carry out EXPOBIOMASA 2021 with the aim of promoting the recovery of commercial activity in one of the essential sectors that has continued to work during the pandemic. The decision has been taken after holding conversations with the leading associated companies in the sector and seeing how the epidemiological situation improves and the vaccination plans are fulfilled when there are still more than 6 months left for the celebration.

Javier Díaz, President of Avebiom: “At the end of September we will already enjoy, predictably, greater mobility, both between autonomous communities and between countries, which augurs the arrival of a large number of professional visitors to Expobiomasa. We are prepared to offer you a great edition of our fair with the maximum sanitary guarantees. "

The biomass sector has struggled every day of the last year to keep the hundreds of thousands of automatic renewable heating systems installed in full operation and at full capacity, with particular sensitivity in hospitals, nursing homes or schools. The companies have kept the jobs and contributed with their effort to contribute without fail this stable source of energy of local origin.

The supply of biomass has not been affected at any time by the serious problems of world trade, as it is a source of energy that comes from the sustainable use of Spanish forests. An energy of ours, of all citizens, and managed mainly by public administrations. EXPOBIOMASA 2021 will also be an appointment to recognize this work of professionals in the sector in their commitment to our society.

AVEBIOM and the Castilla y León Fair Institution are already working in a coordinated way so that exhibitors, suppliers and visitors have at their disposal all the necessary sanitary measures to guarantee a safe space for everyone. As in previous editions, the event has the support of the Valladolid City Council, the Junta de Castilla y León and the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, through the IDAE.

The sector has gone from “wanting to meet”, to developing a real need to meet clients, suppliers and colleagues with whom to share their concerns, exit strategies from this crisis and their vision for the future, in addition to presenting your new products.

Companies are also looking for "partners" to collaborate on projects in the coming years and successfully face the challenges that come with the entry into force of the Ecodesign regulation, the new Climate Change Law and energy transition policies, or access to NEXT GENERATION recovery funds. All in a framework that announces the definitive replacement of fossil fuels, such as diesel, by renewable energies, such as biomass.

The appointment to promote the commercial reactivation of the facility

As of today, EXPOBIOMASA 2021 already has more than 160 exhibiting firms from 29 countries that have confirmed their participation. The Spanish Biomass Association, as the main employer of the biomass Sector in Spain, is aware that the current limitations have meant that some habitual firms are not yet able to confirm their participation, but the support of the leaders of the Sector is overwhelming. , who do not want to miss this appointment to present to professionals the innovations that have been developed in the last two years, and that are helping them to become the market leaders, breaking sales records with their technology.

EXPOBIOMASA is undoubtedly the main showcase for industrial and domestic renewable heating, pellet stoves and wood-burning fireplaces, pellet manufacturing and chip processing for professionals in the sector.

Likewise, the penetration of biomass in the industry is at a great moment, with facilities in all sectors, from agri-food and livestock, to others as disparate as the automobile or the production of CO2 and Hydrogen.

Digital access to the fair

EXPOBIOMASA will provide direct digital access to those professionals who cannot attend the fair in person. In this way, they will have the opportunity to discover all the news in the sector and connect virtually with exhibitors to see their innovations first-hand.

This access will be agile and simple for everyone and will allow professionals who cannot attend to interact with each other also during the days after the event.

Success stories, technology and trends for the coming years

Two other key events will be held in parallel to the fair: the fourteenth edition of the International Bioenergy Congress and the first edition of the Renewable Gas Show.

El International Congress of Bioenergy It is the main event worldwide in Spanish that, after the 2020 edition was canceled, returns with an important virtual component in order to reach thousands of professionals from all over the world.

It will have speakers and specialists who will contribute the strategies, technology and success stories that they have managed to implement, reinventing themselves in the face of the difficulties of this last very atypical year.

The first edition of First Renewable Gas Fair, organized jointly by the Spanish Biogas Association and the Spanish Biomass Association, will promote business opportunities among participating companies in Spain, Portugal and Latin America and will also disseminate the advantages of developing biogas as a renewable energy source to society .