Innovations at Expobiomasa
Expobiomasa 2019 closed its doors with widespread satisfaction among the exhibitors and a record attendance of visitors.

During the three days that the event lasted the companies showed the novelties in their products. Forestry and wood treatment machinery With innovative technologies that save time and costs and at the same time are more environmentally friendly. Industrial technologies increasingly versatile, able to deal with different materials more efficiently. According to the domestic heating, the brands presented their latest and most efficient developments, with less maintenance and various aesthetics capable of satisfying all types of needs and users.

It is worth highlighting the crusher EcoPulser from the company Pallmann, winner of the Expobiomasa Innovation Award at 2019. 

Parallel activities

Expobiomasa served as a framework for the realization of different activities that again helped the visitor to complete his experience during the fair.

Attendees at professional visits they were able to observe first hand, in the Tuesday's day 24 in the province of Burgos, biomass facilities in operation in industries and a healthcare complex. Meanwhile he Day 25 They visited different district heatings in the city of Valladolid.

Different conferences and seminars analyzed the domestic pellet market in Spain and Europe; the perspectives of Spanish biogas market; The efficient change to biomass as fuel in different types of industry; or Finland's experience as a benchmark of the biomass energy service model developed in the early 90 decade. The exhibitors showed through conferences technical presentations their innovations in products and services more outstanding.