AVEBIOM and APIA organize a communication day within Expobiomasa

Expobiomasa Fair

AVEBIOM and the Association of Environmental Information Journalists (APIA), sponsored by Gestamp, organize for the first time a day based on the most important aspects of communication of this strategic sector. 

On the occasion of the celebration of the thirteenth edition of the EXPOBIOMASA contest, to be held at the Valladolid Fair between 24 and 26 September, AVEBIOM and APIA, organize, on the first day of the fair a day that under the title “Communication and circular economy with energy”Aims to explain the most important aspects of communication in this strategic sector.

The meeting will be on 24 at 10h in the AVEBIOM Room, and will start with a few words of welcome from Javier Díez, President of AVEBIOM. The first of the interventions will be carried out by Emilio López Carmona - CEO in Gestamp Biomass that will be presented for the first time a new international project that has the support of the European Union through the Life program. Specifically, it will be developed at the Garray biomass plant (Soria) and, together with a multinational in the industrial gas sector, will study a method of capturing and using renewable CO2 for use in the food and agricultural production industry where, in addition to CO2, thermal energy from renewable sources will be supplied. 

This pioneering initiative will involve the creation of a new value chain based on this new product, called “CO2 verde”. In a second phase it is proposed to achieve an integral use and the double closing of the circle of the circular economy, reusing the waste (ashes) of the Biomass Plant in the production of fertilizers for agricultural use. 

The budget is around € 9 M of which the European Union will contribute close to € 2 M. The project will be developed until June of 2023 and will position Castilla y León as a reference region at European level in mitigating climate change through the capture of emissions.

The second intervention will be carried out by Javier Rico, one of the journalists With more experience in the sector in our country, with more than 30 years of experience and about 8.000 articles and reports published in sixty different media, from National Geographic, El País and Muy Interesante to local newspapers and various Internet portals, through Quercus, Ballena Blanca or Renewable Energies. In relation to biomass, in its different modalities, solid, biogas and biofuels, since 2007 is editor and coordinator of the bioenergy contents in the reference portal www.energias-renovables.com. His intervention will turn in a double direction: on the one hand, on what kind of information the sources produce and send in terms of biomass and secondly how it is processed and published in the media.

Jorge Moralesit's an entrepreneur and industrial engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, which has more than 15 years of experience in several projects developed in the Spanish electricity sector. At the level of energy dissemination, he is a regular speaker at multiple seminars, courses and conferences in the sector, as well as reference in numerous traditional media (newspaper, radio and television) and social networks. 
His intervention will focus on the importance that the consumer has to differentiate the local pellet from the one that comes “from afar” and from how to answer the basic questions that consumers ask about technology. In particular, how much will they save? What maintenance do you need? Or what limitations do you have?

The day will close with the presence of Eva Gonzalez, national responsible, in the agency Europapress, of the environmental contents. This journalist, with extensive experience in environmental information, both national and international. Eva will turn her intervention on how to spread the potential of biomass to the general public and the importance of its use for forest management, forest protection and opportunities to set rural employment. 

After the participation of the speakers, a debate will take place in which the participants will be able to interact with the participating journalists and experts.