Optimizing processes

Industry, neighborhood communities and District Heating in Spain opt for biomass in search of economic savings and cost control. The latest data indicates that there are more than 14.000 equipment between 50 and 1.000 kW y more than 1.400 that exceed 1 MW thermal power.

More than a thousand computers are installed annually in Spain and boilers for industrial and commercial use capable of generating hot water, thermal oil and steam, as well as hot and cold air generators, dryers, ovens, air conditioners or industrial cold generators that can use biomass as fuel.

Many companies manage their own by-products and value them energetically in ceramics, cement, paper, wood, tobacco, coffee, dried fruit, all kinds of farms and other agricultural products, greenhouses and in the canning industry, among others.

Termosun and Pervasive Technologies, together with Imae and Schneider, collaborate to optimize the combustion of biomass in industrial boilers thanks to Artificial Intelligence within the framework of the 3BD-Biomass Boiler Big Data project.
ENSO has signed an agreement with GARCÍA-CARRÍÓN, the leading winery in Europe and fourth in the world, for the construction of a biomass plant for thermal supply under the modality of energy services company (ESE) that will cover 100% of the thermal demand of the production processes of GARCÍA-CARRÍÓN at its Don Simón plant in Huelva.
The new CIEMAT (Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research) project at its Soria facilities has completed the assembly of the new biomass plant.
The Minister for the Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, has visited the state of the works of the second phase of the Sustainable Heat Network of the Villalonquéjar industrial estate, in Burgos, managed by the Board, at through Somacyl, which will serve new industries.
The Junta de Castilla y León, through Somacyl, has tendered the drafting of the construction project and execution of the works for the implementation of thermal energy accumulation systems for the Ponferrada heat network with a budget of 3.094.305 euros and a total execution period of ten months, the first being for the drafting of the project. The action is financed by the Feder Operational Program 2014-2020, a React-UE initiative.
The Spanish Biomass Association, AVEBIOM, has decided to award the 'Fomenta la Bioenergía 2022' award to the Badajoz Provincial Council to recognize its support for 25 unique projects in smaller local entities that favor the transition to a low-carbon economy and whose source of energy is biomass. The award ceremony will take place on May 9, 2023 in Valladolid, after the opening of the Expobiomasa fair.
The Association of Heat and Cold Network Companies (ADHAC), has just recently published the 2022 Census of Heat and Cold Networks. This census adds 20 new heat networks, reaching a total of 516 heat and cold networks operating in Spain.
The Soria Heat Network with #biomass has just incorporated its third new construction development. On this occasion there are 26 apartments that are connected to the Rebi heating district to receive heating and hot water. Recently, the municipal market has been connected to the network and another five blocks have signed their adhesion.
It will allow users savings of between 30% and 50% of their energy bill, compared to the current high prices. Through a modern renewable energy park in León that the Board will build, through Somacyl, green hydrogen will also be generated for mobility and industrial uses.
The new boiler has been installed by Bioenergy Ibérica and uses cocoa husks as biofuel to obtain the 12.250 tons of steam per year needed by the chocolate factory located in La Penilla de Cayón, while reducing CO2.100 emissions by 2 tons
The Government of Spain opens a call for direct aid for biomass heat network projects from September 26. This aid has been endowed with 100 million euros and the subsidized projects must be launched before October 31, 2025.
The VISION 2030 project establishes the strategy of Airbus Spain to achieve its objectives in its fight against Climate Change: a 65% reduction in C02 emissions and a 30% reduction in global factory energy before the year 2030.