Boilers, domestic and industrial biomass from Intecbio-ITB in Expobiomasa

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In the domestic range highlights the automatic pellet boiler HV, 15 kW and 22 kW power, a fully automatic boiler both in operation and cleaning. The burner is self-cleaning and you just have to empty the ash that is produced in the burner and exchanger must be removed manually. These equipments incorporate the hydraulic system with high efficiency electronic pump, connections for room thermostat, inertia tank and many configuration possibilities to adapt to the needs of the user. You can also attach some external silos to expand the capacity of the hopper.

The range of hot air generators, with fully automatic operation and a burner in cast iron with automatic extraction of ash to external drawer.

And finally, the range of motorization for external silo feeding fully configurable and specially designed for greenhouses.

Francisco Muñoz, Commercial Director of Intecbio, presented to us at 2017 the latest product developments in the domestic and industrial range of the Intecbio brand, which will be in the next edition of Expobiomasa.

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