Hot Air Generators by biomass combustion manufactured by NATURAL FIRE

Especially indicated for heating large spaces, pig poultry farms or agricultural spaces.

Product of the business evolution of Natural Fire, the range of hot air generators by biomass combustion (GNF) is born, focused on using solid biomass from productive waste (pellets, olive pits, almond shells, etc.), in the generation of hot air flows, to be used both in industrial processes and in heating.

Especially indicated for heating large spaces such as greenhouses, poultry farms, pig farms or agricultural spaces, industrial heating, dryers, terrace heating, paint ovens, cereal dryers, etc.

The range has several models from 69 kW to 500 kW of thermal power with yields greater than 80%.

These heat generators are made up of a combustion chamber, which has an internal bloom burner, capable of burning any type of solid biomass (pellets, olive stones, splinters) with a yield greater than 94%, providing a temperature of output from 30 to 120ºC, or up to 250ºC if the hot air is recirculated.

The gases produced by the combustion reaction pass through an automatic cleaning system, which is also used as a heat transfer mechanism, drastically increasing the performance of this equipment.  


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