Adaptation of medium-power biomass installations to the European directive on emissions into the atmosphere

Image of a particle installation

According to Decree 1042 / 2017, which transposes the European Directive 2015/2193 installations prior to 2018 of more than 5 MW must be adapted before 2025.

With regard to biomass boiler installations, the most significant measure was solid particle emission limitation. In practice this meant that it would be installation of a particle filter is necessary, whether out of sleeves, ceramic or electrostatic.

Why the special impact on solid particle emissions?

The particulate emissions from a solid biofuel boiler are basically composed of ash dissolved in the combustion gases that are expelled into the atmosphere.

These inert substances can be breathed in by living beings with adverse health effects. In recent years, biomass as a fuel has been criticized for the emission of this type of particles and, therefore, more stringent emission limits are being implemented that require sophisticated filtering equipment. The two most widespread systems in the biomass combustion sector are the bag filter and electrostatic filter. While the first traps the particles through a filter cloth, the second does so through ionization and subsequent capture of the particles.

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