Gothenburg adapts its boilers to supply electricity and biomass gas heating

Biomass dust burners

Göteborg Energi, a public company that supplies electricity and district heating to the city of Gothenburg in Sweden, converted its 110 MW boiler room from natural gas to pulverized wood changing only the burners. In this way they managed to minimize the use of fossil fuels (whose carbon tax in Sweden is € 120 per ton of CO2 emitted) by reusing the boilers.

VYNCKE performed the entire conversion using a turnkey project. Wood pellets are the fuel used in this installation. Before entering the combustion chamber it is reduced to fine particles by hammer mills and is pneumatically transported to the burners, everything is equipped with fire protection Firefly.

The resulting powder is burned in suspension in the combustion chamber of gas boilers. The ashes, which are not very abundant, are recovered 100% by the smoke filtration system.

The consumption of pellets is 500 tons per day. The facility can be supplied with fuel by truck or by ship and is stored in a 5.000 m³ cylindrical silo

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