The use of biomass will finance a third of forest work in the fight against fires in Mula (Murcia)


7.463 tons of biomass will be extracted, improving the health of these wooded areas and reducing the risks and impacts of possible fires of the public forests "Umbria of Sierra Espuña" and "Sierra de Pedro Ponce", located in the municipality of Mula, as part of the Forestry Plan of the Region of Murcia where the Community develops fire prevention works using biomass.

The investment that takes place in Mula amounts to 687.660 euros, of which 463.457 euros are financed by the regional government and the rest will be generated from the commercialization of biomass extracted in the improvement works of these public forests.

Consuelo Rosauro, general director of Medio Medio, stressed that these forest management tasks "reduce the density of vegetation to favor the general growth of forest stands while reducing the risk of fire. It is about improving the health of the forests as well as generating a productive and employment generating activity ». The action consists in the elimination of surplus, weakened, dominated or defective trees, which improves the general vegetative state of forest stands, favoring their further development and reducing the structural risk of forest fires.

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