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New boiler that burns splinters and pellets without generating scarce emissions: ZERO-EMISSIONS Technology.

Windhager has developed a new gasifier burner upstream. After the splinters ignite, a bed of embers forms at the bottom of the combustion chamber. Over it, the splinter carbonizes and forms a layer of active carbon. The gases that rise from the ash bed are filtered by the carbon layer and the new chips that remain above it. In this way the combustion process generates only 1mg / MJ of particles - more than ten times lower than the most stringent emission limits - and without the need for a filter. The burner is made of high quality stainless steel to increase its durability.

In addition to the direct transport with auger, the boiler can also be combined with a flexible system of aspiration of chips that can transport the fuel even with curved sections up to 25 m long and 7 m high. In this way it is possible to install a chip system where previously it was impossible. The boiler is hermetically sealed, so that the bed of embers can be maintained for a maximum of 4 days without the need to add fuel or air. To remove the ashes the PuroWIN does not have a grid like conventional boilers but two closed plates.

The PuroWIN boiler is designed for customers of all types; homes, businesses, farms and buildings with an average consumption. For high consumption, the PuroWIN boiler of 120 and 240 kw respectively is in the testing and certification phase. The main advantage at the time of installing the boiler is the flexibility of its unique feeding system in the world so the reform and the buildings which chips have been removed from the energy options, have a new opportunity to use chips as fuel in all safety. Likewise, those facilities that, for regulatory reasons, need a system without emissions, are direct candidates for the PuroWIN boiler.

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