Prodesa has already participated in more than 30 projects of pellet plants in four continents

PRodesa pellet plant

PRODESA began its activity in Zaragoza at the end of the 90 to develop projects for the production of solid biofuels, preferably pellets, since the founders of the company participated in two projects for the production of wood pellets in Sweden in the middle of the 90.

However, the real opportunities in this sector came much later than expected and the company diversified its activity until they designed, manufactured and installed the first wood pellet factory in Spain, in the 2005 year, for a capacity of some 30.000 tons per year.

To date, PRODESA has participated in more than thirty projects located on four continents, with productive capacities of up to 500.000 tons per year.

Currently, they are focused on the development and continuous improvement of equipment, products and services in order to remain competitive and efficient in different markets. One of our future commitments is the development of tools that help the operator of a pellet plant to improve plant availability, improve product quality and optimize operating costs.

It also actively participates in the development of safety protocols that minimize the risk of accidents in pellet plants. Safety is something that should not be taken lightly and an area in which no effort can be spared.